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Find out the fate of the doctor’s case of “Kneel the dog” after the imprisonment


After the Cairo Economic Court of Appeals decided to imprison a doctor in the “dog-knee” incident, Dr. Amr Khairy was sentenced to one year in prison and fined 100 100,000, imprisonment and 50,000 years in prison for two counts of torture, and two counts of torture. A fine of 100,000. A nurse asked a dog at a clinic in a private hospital in Cairo to prostrate.

The “seventh day” after the judgment of the Court of Appeal against the accused clarifies the fate of the case at the following points.

Attorney Khalid Mohammed, after suspending the jail term, concluded that the mother’s case against the accused was over and therefore the jail term was over, explaining that there was another rift in the case in the court where the victim was entitled to appropriate compensation for the civil case he was entitled to file.

The Economic Court in Cairo sentenced Dr. Amr Khairy and two others to two years in prison, a fine of 100,000 and 20,000 for allegedly abusing a nurse. Dog at a clinic at a private hospital in Cairo.

It is noteworthy that the public prosecutor, Adviser Hamada al-Chawi, was ordered to recommend the three defendants in prison; Dr. Amr Khairi and a private hospital employee, for criminal investigation; To accuse a nurse of verbally expressing authority and restraining and harassing him; They were ordered to prostrate themselves before an animal belonging to an accused doctor, using his weakness and power to ridicule and insult him with intent to intimidate and attack family policies and values ​​in Egyptian society, depicting the incident of violating the sanctity of the victim’s personal life and violating the victim’s privacy Their publication is a special account on a social website intended to commit these crimes.

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The video clip of the bullying incident, the defendants’ confession and the correctness of their appearance and what was proved by what was proved by the testimony of both the victim and the prosecution testified before the defendants. Witnesses, and the confessions of the accused are what is included in the investigation.

The surveillance and analysis unit in the Al-Bayan department of the Attorney General’s Office monitored the widespread circulation of a video clip on social media showing a doctor attacking a nurse and two others inside a hospital room, verbally and in an advanced manner, and reporting the matter to the Attorney General. By submitting, he ordered an emergency inquiry into the incident.

The prosecution said in a statement that it had found the hospital where the incident was filmed, so it inquired about its parties and appointed police officers to investigate the circumstances, thus leading the investigation and investigation to identify the three culprits. Two doctors and a hospital staff.

The public prosecution asked the victim, and he testified in detail about the violation he had committed because it appeared in the circulating clip, using their operational power over him, to explain that the circulating photograph was taken without his knowledge or consent. , Showing its damage by its release, and its circulation between his home and the people of his village.

The public prosecutor ordered the arrest of the culprit, so the doctor and staff who appeared at the shooting were arrested and interrogated. They denied what was said, and their statements acknowledged the victim’s testimony at the inquest, and the victim who denied appearing in the film by habitually accepting what the victim had justified, and the fugitive who filmed the clip, by admitting or being satisfied with what was happening, also informed the accused in a recent statement To hack his account on the communication app “WhatsApp”, they denied their knowledge of how to publish a circulating clip, agreeing on what is in the photo and the validity of their appearance in it.

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