December 2, 2022

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Find the abnormal cause for the stroke

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Dr. Alexander Yevtokimov, a neurologist, revealed that torsopathy (osteochondrosis) increases the risk of stroke by more than 30%.

The expert pointed out that torsopathy and complications in skeletal and connective tissues increase the risk of stroke by more than 30%.

He said, “The term osteochondrosis is currently rarely used to diagnose the disease. The term torsopathy is being used instead. However, chronic cervical spine problems increase the risk of stroke.”

He explained that stress can be a cause of muscle cramps because it is caused by muscle contraction.
He says, “There is a strong muscle cramp and the blood flow is very bad. It creates serious problems in the cerebral circulation, according to Russia Today.”

Evtokimov advises not to delay torsopathy treatment. This is because after the age of 45, a person’s risk of having a stroke increases.

He says, “If you feel that you are suffering from headaches and migraines, it means that you have neck problems. Therefore, I advise you to treat these problems with massage and physiotherapy sessions to prevent their development, because at age 45, the risk of stroke starts to increase, especially in the neck. For those affected by problems in the area.


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