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For the second time… Postponing the signing of the final agreement between the civil forces and the military units in Sudan | news


Sudanese sources told Al-Jazeera that the signing of the final agreement, which was scheduled for Thursday, between the civil forces and the military units has been postponed.

Earlier, a Sudanese leader suggested that the signing of a final political agreement could be postponed indefinitely due to disagreements between the military and the Rapid Support Forces.

The head of the Forces for Freedom and Change – Central Council told Anadolu Agency, not wanting to be named, “All data indicates that the signing of the final political agreement has been postponed due to deep differences between the military. Rapid support regarding the defense and military reform file.”

“The Army saw the integration and military reform process within 6 months, while the RSF is looking at the integration process within 22 years,” he added.

The Sudanese capital Khartoum witnessed an intense military standoff on Wednesday morning, a day before the scheduled signing of a final agreement on the political process between the Military Sovereignty Council and civilian forces.

A number of armed armored vehicles and cars were parked in central Khartoum, and a military source told Al-Jazeera that the armored vehicles and cars seen in Khartoum were a form of insurance for the capital within the framework of a public project. Created by the military leadership.

The source indicated that deployment of the military was a routine practice and Khartoum would see more military and security deployment in the next few hours.

Khartoum is expected to witness counter-demonstrations tomorrow, on the anniversary of April 6, 2019, when protesters reached the walls of the General Command and the army announced its support for the popular movement and the removal of former President Omar’s regime. Al-Bashir.

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An Al-Jazeera reporter said protesters blocked several roads linking the capital Khartoum and various states to protest the political framework agreement, which includes political and military organizations, and other political and tribal forces rejected it.

Last week, a “security and military reform” conference concluded in Khartoum, the last of the final stages of the political agreement, and military chiefs were absent due to disagreements over the integration of rapid support forces into the military. It announced its commitment to political action and its desire to complete “integration processes” within it.

The conference comes as a continuation of the political process that began on January 8 between the signatories of the December 5, 2022 “structural agreement” between the ruling Military Sovereignty Council and the civilian forces, particularly the Freedom and Transition – Central Council. , for an agreement to resolve the political crisis in the country.

The parties of the “structure” agreed to sign the final agreement on the political process on April 6, which was scheduled for the first of the same month.

The current political process aims to resolve the ongoing crisis since on October 25, 2021, military commander Abdul Fattah al-Burhan dissolved the Sovereignty Council and interim ministers and imposed exceptional measures, including a declaration. Emergency.

Prior to al-Burhan’s exceptional procedures, a transitional phase began in Sudan on August 21, 2019, scheduled to end with elections in early 2024, during which the military, civil forces and armed movements signed. Juba peace deal with government in 2020.