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Geologist comments on reports from the British Prime Minister about the sinking of Alexandria.



Abbas Sharaki, an Egyptian geographer, commented to the RT on reports by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson about the sinking of the Egyptian city of Alexandria.

Sharaki said: “The Earth is under constant change of temperature, as well as the surface of the oceans, and an increase in greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide.” Also the difference between the greenhouse and ice ages is within 10 degrees Celsius, the average of this period is 10 thousand years, but it has now reached 11 thousand years.

He added: “The sea level in the world has risen by about 16-20 cm in the last century, and it has recently risen to 3 mm since 1993. According to satellite measurements, the temperature has risen by about one degree (about 200 years) since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. For the past fifty years, some glaciers have observed an increase in the rate of carbon dioxide emissions of 0.1-0.2 degrees Celsius every ten years, all of which have sounded the alarm to take action to prevent sea level rise, increase sea level rise, reduce melting ice and increase sea level rise. It also increases in size, raises sea level and submerges some low-lying coastal areas.
“There is a slow natural rise in temperature at the Earth’s surface, which is one or two meters above sea level for thousands of years. Methane from swamps, and nitrogen oxides from farms, industry and agriculture, ozone from aircraft and chlorofluorocarbons. Temperatures can rise if man continues his polluting activities to the environment, but it is difficult to reach 4 degrees, which may take hundreds of years and thousands if humanity takes care of.
Commenting on the sinking of the city of Alexandria, he explained, “Several studies have been conducted for scenes of sea level rise and the impact of the delta, and it has been found that if the sea level rises by half a meter, it will sink about half a million acres north of the delta and the northern lakes, Brullus, Idu and Mariout, and. Large areas from Port Side, Tomita and Alexandria, about 4 million people were displaced, but when it rose 1.5 meters, it expanded about 25 km into the Mediterranean delta, spilling about 1.5 million acres and displacing more than 8 million people.

Geologist comments on reports from the British Prime Minister about the sinking of Alexandria

He concluded that the construction of the high dam and the failure of the Nile to flow into the Mediterranean led to the erosion of the banks of the delta. Egypt established and used the Coast Guard 50 years ago. Rock and cement blocks to absorb wave energy and protect beaches and coastal facilities such as Ross El Bar and Guide Bay Castle in Alexandria.

Nasser Hatem – Cairo

Source: RT

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