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German Schwartz was banned and suspended for eight weeks

German Schwartz was banned and suspended for eight weeks

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Los Angeles Airport (AFP) – The Tennis Professionals Association (ATP) announced an eight-week ban and a $ 25,000 fine on German Alexander Sverev, but the death sentence was upheld.

The club had earlier fined the 24-year-old German $ 40,000 for hitting his rocket in the referee’s chair in the doubles match of the Acapulco tournament, expressing anger at the defeat, which led to his dismissal from the singles.

It was decided on Monday to punish him with an eight-week suspension if he does not repeat the rules of the association for a period of 12 months until February 22, 2023.

“Once the conditions are met, the penalties will be officially revoked upon expiration (12 months),” the association said, adding that “if the conditions are not met, fines will be imposed after the completion of any appeal process.”

The third-ranked international apologized for the incident, and after the incident said, “I especially apologized to the chair referee,” describing his behavior as “unacceptable” out of anger.

The Olympic gold holder continued, “I’m not sorry, this should not have happened. I apologize to my fans, the competition and the game I love. You know, I give it my all on the field. Tuesday (February 22), I did a lot.”

The Germans made their way out of the “Super Thai Break” tiebreak after losing 2-6, 6-4, 6-10 to British duo Lloyd Glaspool and Finn Harry Heliova along with his Brazilian teammate Marcelo Melo.

A video clip circulated by the media showed Sverev hitting the referee three times, with Alessandro Germani making him sit back in his seat, insulting him and hitting the chair again and again.

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This behavior led to his dismissal from the singles tournament, and his career ended in the second round of the tournament.

Professional tennis players rarely face this type of expulsion. When Sverev was expelled from the Australian Championship for insulting the referee at the 1990 Championship, he overtook John McEnroe of the United States for throwing a chair at the 2019 Australian player Nick Kyrgios on the field in Rome.

Serbia’s Novak Djokovic has been ruled out of Flushing Meadows 2020 for accidentally hitting the ball towards the line’s wisdom. The final because he inadvertently injured the line referee.