March 30, 2023

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German stub appointed coach of first women’s soccer team in Saudi Arabia history (PHOTOS)


The Saudi Football Association has announced the appointment of Germany’s Monica Stop as the technical director of the first women’s soccer team to oversee its women’s formation and selection.

Lamia Bahien, director of the women’s football department of the Saudi Football Federation, said the appointment was “to develop, improve and enhance women’s football to build a structure that has been recognized and sustainable for many years.”

In a statement to France-Press, Bahien Agency said the German coach “had previously been intimately acquainted with women’s football in the kingdom, where he was briefed during a training session on women’s teams last December, and was impressed by the number of women. Play football.”

Bahien stressed that the management’s goal was to establish and improve the women’s first team, while developing and developing women’s football to build a recognized and sustainable structure over the years, “pointing out” the important role of the German coach in this matter. “

In collaboration with the administration, he will “make expeditions to every region of the state and visit schools and academies, and work not only on selecting players for the first team, but on selecting them,” he said. Players for the 17-year-old team. “

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He pointed out that STAB is responsible for the technical supervision of regional training centers because of its experience in implementing, evaluating and selecting female trainers for training courses.

The 62-year-old has previously overseen Eintracht Frankfurt and the Bahrain and Qatar national teams.

Stub will arrive in Saudi Arabia early next month, before officially embarking on its duties with the Saudi Federation.