February 6, 2023

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"Global Health" Assurance Report on Monkey Flu

“Global Health” Assurance Report on Monkey Flu

A senior official said At the World Health Organization The WHO does not believe in an outbreak Monkey disease Mass vaccination campaigns should be launched outside the African continent as other measures are needed Like personal hygiene Good and safe sexual behavior will help control its spread.

“Immediate supply of vaccines and antiviral drugs is relatively low,” Richard Beabody, who heads the World Health Organization’s high-threat group of pathogens, explained in an interview with Reuters.

Peabody’s comments came during the announcement U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention It is in the process of releasing the dose of the genius vaccine to those infected with the monkey box.

On Monday, the German government said it was studying the options available for vaccines, with Britain providing the vaccine to its health workers.

Public health officials in Europe and North America are investigating more than 100 suspected or confirmed cases of the virus as it spreads outside Africa.

According to Bibadi, the basic measures to control the outbreak of the disease are to detect and isolate the contact, indicating that it is not easily transmitted and has not yet caused the onset of a serious disease.

He added Vaccines Some serious side effects can occur if used against the monkey box.

The cause of the outbreak is unclear because scientists are trying to understand the source of the cases and whether anything in the virus has changed.

On Monday, Rosamund Lewis, director of the World Health Organization’s Great Emergency Program, said the organization had no evidence of a monkeypox virus mutation.

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