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Google is accidentally sending money to some users… Are you one of them?



Those who rushed to withdraw the balances won the amount and the company could not cancel them

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Google Pay users noticed that the company sent up to $1,000 in cash to their accounts for free.

It all started on Tuesday when Google Pay users asked why they paid on social media.

And (Mishaal Rahman), a tech journalist, posted a tweet on Twitter in which he said: “Ah, (Google Pay) seems to be giving users random free money at the moment.” He attached a screenshot of the amounts received in the tweet.

In a series of posts, confused Reddit users posted posts comparing the amounts they received or wondering how they could make the most of it.

“Now I’ve earned almost $100 in 6 different cashback rewards for testing the Google Money transfer experience,” one user wrote.

According to Ars Technica, Google Pay messed up the rewards program, which is like any other rewards program where you can get a discount or a dollar or two for regularly using the service.

But what makes this case different is that these cash rewards are distributed to company employees in exchange for a “test app” experience that developers use for a limited period of time, such as their own product app. Purpose of testing before publication.

For some reason, these compensation payments were sent to a random group of Google Pay users. As for the company, it blamed what happened on a “bug” in an email sent to users of Surprise (Google Bay) a few days later.

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“You have received this email because an unexpected balance has been deposited into your (Google Pay) account,” the company said. “The issue has been resolved and if possible, the balance has been cancelled,” he added.

Anyone who left money in their (Google Bay) accounts is considered to have had their balances cancelled, and those who rushed to withdraw balances won the amount and the company was unable to cancel them.

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