June 9, 2023

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Google is baring its fangs to tell Samsung to back off from using Ping on its phones

It was a Korean giant Samsung We want to reduce our dependence on Google. By changing the default search engine on his smartphone. Instead of Google, it should be Microsoft Bing backed by artificial intelligence.

Samsung and Google

Some interpreted Samsung’s desire to switch as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to diversify its smartphone lineup and explore alternative options.

But the Korean company seems to have discovered that even thinking about the matter would be a fatal mistake. On the contrary, it will spell disaster for the smartphone industry.

Samsung tried to switch the default search engine on its smartphones from Microsoft to Bing. After the popular chatbot ChatGPT was integrated into web search on Bing.

For a while, Samsung thought that Google had dropped out of the race to offer its own artificial intelligence products and that it couldn’t compete with GPT Chat.

But the world’s smartphone dominating company didn’t think about the backlash after using Bing instead of Google search engine on its smartphones.

Samsung abandoned the idea after finding out that most of its smartphone users They rely on browsers other than their own and choose Google Chrome.

Also, Google is not selected as the default search engine on Samsung phones. This will sever business ties between the Korean company and Google.

Samsung uses Google’s Android system on its smartphones, and Google customizes its apps to be compatible with Samsung’s foldable phones.

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In addition, Google buys memory chips from Samsung and uses the company’s contract chip manufacturing services.

Notably, Google has been the default search engine on Samsung smartphones since 2010, particularly the Galaxy S phone.

Finally, Samsung made a huge mistake by abandoning Google. However, the Korean company should look for alternatives to gradually reduce its dependence on Google and its services in the future. It could follow Apple, which has eliminated its partners one by one and relied on itself to manufacture and source what it needed to manufacture its various products.