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Google lets you explore the neighborhood with a closer look


The company has announced Google According to a report by Arab Gateway for Technology News, a new feature in the Maps app is that it integrates street and aerial imagery and allows you to explore your surroundings.

“With our in-depth look, you can experience what the neighborhood, main location, restaurant or popular place looks like, and you can feel like you’ve been there before you set foot,” said Miriam Daniel, corporate vice president of Maps.

As a result, if you are traveling to a new place or looking for hidden locals, in-depth insight helps you make decisions before you travel.

This new feature is similar to Apple’s 3D Maps feature that was introduced last year.

Then Apple said: Apple Maps 3D Map offers a new way to go to cities. This feature provides unprecedented details for neighborhoods, business districts, ports, buildings and more.

Users can now view elevation details across the city, new road signs and hundreds of Bespoke signs such as the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, the Statue of Liberty in New York City and the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Google announces its high-speed mapping tool

The search company announced the high-speed view feature at the annual Google Developers Conference, and Daniel said: Google Maps was first launched to help people get to their places.

When it comes to finding the right restaurant or getting information about the local business, it has evolved into many more.

“Today we are introducing a new way to explore with maps,” he added. This is made possible by the advancement of computer vision and artificial intelligence. These technologies allow billions of street scenes and aerial photography to be combined to create the world’s best digital model.

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Google users can explore cities from above, before clicking on specific streets or buildings.

The app overwrites the useful information above and has the option to change the time to see how that area looks at different times of the day and in different weather conditions.

At street level, you can explore nearby restaurants and find useful information such as live traffic and nearby traffic.

Before you book, you can also look inside to quickly feel the atmosphere.

The fast-paced view of Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo starts later this year, and many more cities are coming soon.

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