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Group of diseases associated with oral cavity health


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British scientists have found that gum disease is strangely linked to heart disease and autoimmune disease.

BMJ Open notes that the findings of this comprehensive study are based on growing research linking oral diseases to various chronic diseases.

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Says Dr. Good Singh Chandan of the University of Birmingham: “Poor oral cavity health is a widespread phenomenon in Britain and in the world in general.” He adds, “The development of diseases of the oral cavity can lead to a decline in quality of life. However, little is known until now about the relationship between many chronic diseases, especially psychologically poor oral health.”

The results of studies conducted in recent years show the relationship between dental and gum infections and other diseases. For example, high blood pressure is often associated with poor oral health. Experts have discovered a link between neurodegenerative diseases such as gingivitis and Alzheimer’s disease.

Based on these results, scientists from several British universities decided to conduct a comprehensive and comprehensive epidemiological study to determine the relationship between diseases of the oral cavity and diseases unrelated at first glance.

To do this, they examined the medical records of more than 64,000 patients with gingivitis and then compared them with data from 250,000 patients. The purpose is to diagnose periodontal disease in patients with periodontal disease.

The results show that patients with periodontitis have a 33 percent higher risk of developing autoimmune diseases such as arthritis or psoriasis and heart disease compared to those without gingivitis and dental disease. Gum disease has also been found to increase the risk of mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety by 37 percent.

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The relationship between mental illness and periodontitis may be simultaneously behavioral and immune, the researchers said. This means that worsening of the oral cavity (odor or tooth loss) can increase social anxiety. There is data indicating that oral cavity infections cause the severity of the inflammatory reaction, which leads to obvious changes in the function of the immune system in the brain.

All of these results point to the need to pay attention to the health of the oral cavity and to review the dentist from time to time. Since oral cavity health is closely related to a wide range of health issues, this association should be considered in comprehensive treatment.

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