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Gulf national jailed for seizing vehicle with fake cheque


Dubai: Muhammad Yasin
The Dubai Court of Appeal upheld the judgment of the Court of First Instance, sentencing the Gulf national to one year in prison, a fine of Dh965,000 and a temporary compensation of Dh50,000 to the vehicle owner. , and refer the civil suit to the competent court. Convicted of confiscating a vehicle to the value of a fine after defrauding its owner and handing over a forged cheque.

The events of the case took place in November 2021, when a European national posted an advertisement for the sale of his personal vehicle on a website specializing in the sale of vehicles.

The whistleblower further stated in the investigation that before completing the process of transferring ownership of the vehicle, he appointed his personal driver along with Gulpi to inspect the vehicle and after inspecting the vehicle, the accused contacted him to complete the vehicle purchase process. 965 thousand dirhams with a check, the agreed amount.

He stated that he had agreed with the accused on the date of transfer of ownership of the vehicle at the Vehicle Registration Center in Dubai; Where Khaliji handed over the check for the value of the vehicle, the ownership of the vehicle was transferred as per the agreement between the two parties, and the vehicle to collect the value of the money handed over the check to the bank, so the bank employee told him that the check was fake and its data was wrong, so an incident report was opened.

According to the case file, Al Khaliji was circulated and during his interrogation he denied the incident and said that he owned the vehicle and bought it from the whistleblower after handing over its value in cash at the vehicle registration center. Dubai, and the bank check carried by the whistleblower had nothing to do with him.

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A report from the crime lab at the Dubai Police showed that the check was forged and that Khaliji was linked to the incident. The court convicted him and ruled in the above judgment, and the Court of Appeal upheld the first degree verdict.

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