June 2, 2023

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Gulf News | Sting predicts a “war” between artists and artificial intelligence

British singer Sting predicted on Thursday that the use of artificial intelligence in the music industry will lead to a “battle” by artists to protect their work. ‬

“The building blocks of music belong to us as humans,” the 71-year-old ex-Police singer told BBC News. Protecting our human capital against artificial intelligence will be a battle we all have to fight in the coming years. ‬

Artificial intelligence is used to recreate the works of famous musicians. Fake works by artists such as Eminem, Drake, The Weeknd and Oasis were created using artificial intelligence. ‬

Sting noted that “tools are useful,” but he believed that humans must control them because “machines cannot be allowed to take over, and care must be taken.” ‬

Before receiving the highest awards of the “Iver Academy” for music on Thursday, the artist added that this technique “may work in the field of electronic music. But I don’t think I’m susceptible to emotional songs. ‬

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