June 6, 2023

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“Have your say”… What are the impacts of the climate crisis on the Arab region?

Climate crisis exacerbates summer heat in Arab region

In Arab countries and in many countries of the world, summer comes and goes before it arrives the heat A record that the world is expected to witness, especially in the Middle East region, the United Nations has warned of the possibility of temperatures rising to new record levels this year, citing the possibility of an “L” phenomenon. Nino“This year’s climate is behind this high rise.

The phenomenon of high temperature threatens the inhabitants of this region and their lives are at risk.. Who is responsible for these climate changes? What can be done to reduce the effects of the climate crisis? How are Arab countries preparing for summer?

In this regard, we asked our followers in the comment section: Do you see enough production in your country to face the crisis of high temperatures? Especially last summer, fires spread in some countries.

79% said yes

21% said no

In this regard, Professor Ahmed Al-Malabe, Professor of Geography, Environment and Climate Change, said, “I do not agree with this conclusion because public awareness is generally weak in Arab countries, and if we had conducted this study in Europe, it would have been a different result, and there would have been more warnings, especially in Wales.” It started in a forest and moved to the Maghreb and destroyed millions of trees until it reached Spain.

Professor Ahmad Al-Malaba respects this decision, but the phenomenon cannot be controlled and requires international support, and without international assistance such as aviation and civil protection, many species would not have been saved.

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