January 27, 2023

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He took off his shirt from the shop.

D + D – Normal size

Paris Saint-Germain have taken steps to confirm the departure of its star Kylian Mbabane from their rankings at the end of their contract this season, in light of the French player’s refusal to renew his contract with the Paris legend.

To the Spanish network, Quattro calculates that the Paris Saint-Germain embattled shirts have been removed from the latest version of the players’ shirts for the French team’s online store.

Meanwhile, the network confirmed that old copies of Mbappe’s shirts with Paris are still in store.

The Network pointed out on Wednesday that Paris Saint-Germain had decided not to put Mbappe’s name or number on the new Paris shirts being sold through the store, indicating that the move was indirectly signaling his departure from the line of princes. End of season.

While several international reports indicate that Real Madrid are close to officially announcing the inclusion of the French striker in the free transfer deal, Mbappe has confirmed in the past few days that he will announce his next target within a few days.


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