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Heba Abdel Ghani: Ahmed Amin surprised me on “Ghamm Island” and by Abdul Rahim Kamal Sahardni | News


The artist, Heba Abdel Ghani, played “Husna”, the wife of Sheikh Muharrif, at the events of the “Gum Island” series that will be shown during the current month of Ramadan.

Heba Abdel Ghani explained that director Hussein al-Manbawi was behind his nomination for the role of Hasna in a statement issued by Al-Hayat TV about the scenes in which he participated in the “Ghamm Island” series.

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He added, “My recommendation came from director Hussein al-Manbawi, who I participated in for the third time in his work. Jamil had the opportunity to attend the “Gum Island” show and play Hasana’s wife Sheikh Warrior.

Heba Abdel Ghani confirmed that he studied acting and directing in the field of drama education at the Faculty of Drama, adding: “Through my studies, I have studied a lot, but I can not evaluate Abdel Rahim Kamal’s work academically because this is the opinion of the people. The point is, I’m pleased to see his work and present it. ” Ideas that challenge the mind because he is always eager to present a character with many fascinating ideas.

And she continued, “You feel it with some of the thoughts of someone spinning in your brain, and it reveals one of the phenomena you feel and explain. With Professor Abdel Rahim, you find the scientist answering. Questions in your imagination.”

Heba Abdel Ghani said he was surprised to read the text of the series with the character played by Ahmed Amin: “I know he has a part in his heart that helps to express Arafat’s character. When this series was shown, Ahmed Amin’s role in that role exceeded my expectations.”

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He concluded by saying, “Ahmed Amin is quiet, although he’s known for his humorous characters, he’s a bit talkative, and he has a beautiful spiritual side, so I know he will love Arafat’s character and amaze it, especially in the debate scene.”

And the series “Com Island”, directed by Hussein Al-Manbawi and written by Abdel Rahim Kamal, produced by Synergy, starring Tariq Lodfi, My Is El-Din, Fatih Abdel Wahab, Ahmed Amin, Riyad El-Ghouli, Mohammad Koma, Heba. Abdel-Ghani, Mayer El-Qaidi and Hajar El-Sharnoubi are in special appearance. For two stars, Wafa Amar and Abdel Aziz Magion.

The “Come Island” series will be shown on the Al-Hayat Channel screen during the month of Ramadan 2022, at 10:30 pm on all days of the week, and will be repeated twice at 2:15 pm and 2 pm the next day: At 15, the watch ID is shown on the site.

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