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Here is the process if your vehicle is damaged by a third party

By J.C. | On 06/06/2021 on 20:29 | Updated 06/06/2021 at 20:38

If you ever park your vehicle in Dubai and find it damaged on the way back, be aware that there is a special procedure that allows you to report such incidents without any information about the other vehicle.

You have the opportunity to report an unknown accident on the “Unknown Accident Service”

If you witness an accident, try as much as possible to write the license plate and model of the vehicle involved. If the accident is serious, call 999 immediately. On the other hand, if you do not witness the accident, remember to postpone it anyway, especially if it is necessary to reimburse your insurer for repairs. In addition, as the law states, a garage will be required to repair this report.

Here is the procedure to follow:

Download the Dubai Police app, go to the “Services” menu and go to the “Unknown Accident” submenu and enter the requested information (vehicle plate and model, license number, photo of the damage and your contact information). Then submit your case. You can use this for your insurance support file.

For information, the applicable service charge is 420 AED.

It is important to clarify that fleeing after an accident or collision in the United Arab Emirates is illegal, and this behavior carries a seizure of the vehicle for 1 week and an additional 500 AED and 5 Blackpoint fines. In the event of a serious accident the punishment will be even more severe.