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Holland in Manchester City .. Do not believe all the ads!


Of course, Manchester City coach Pep Cardiola has signed a big deal with Norway’s Earling Holland of Borussia Dortmund.

Citi paid only 60 60 million to sign the Norwegian, with a market value of மில்லியன் 150 million, so the amount given behind the scenes in commissions and bonuses was much higher than the declared value.

For years Hollande signed the deal with Kylian Mbabane as the biggest candidate to replace Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi on the throne of football.

But in the midst of this exaggerated hype we need to look at some things that are different from what we see on social media from the expectations of Hollande destroying all rivals because of this deal and moving the city away from everyone.

Before reading the next lines, it is important to know that this is not intended to underestimate Holland’s ability, but rather a call to look at the other side of the situation, away from all noise.

Impossible predictions

Bale Hazard Jovic Real Madrid

The goal

Realizing that it is difficult to predict the success of players in their new teams after each contract, we do not have to retreat too far because the risk is always there.

Unfortunately, Neymar’s transfer to Paris Saint-Germain for 222 million euros or a deal with Juventus that came with great fanfare, such as Dusan Vilahovic and Gareth Bale, which seemed to be less than expected, never succeeded. Real Madrid.

The idea that Holland has scored too many goals with Dortmund does not mean that we will see these numbers in the English Premier League with City, and we have a lesson in many models.

Who would have expected Eden Hazard to lose at Real Madrid? And Gudinho in Barcelona? Romelu Lukaku fell this way with Chelsea, however he reached a position that prompted some to compare him to Ronaldo who appears on the Inter.

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The attackers from the German league were not very respectful when they left it, and Timo Werner was one of the most important examples of this, along with Luka Jovic, who was bench-bound with Real Madrid after an exceptional performance in Germany. .

Kai Havertz offered impressive positions with Leverkusen in Germany, prompting Chelsea to pay him மில்லியன் 80 million, and the release is much weaker than expected.

The latest German prankster is Dortmund winger and former Holland teammate Jadon Sancho, who went on to score 85 for Manchester United and was one of the worst deals last season.

Everyone expected Lionel Messi to swallow the opponent’s net with a hat – trick record with Kylian Mbabane and Neymar in the French League, but what was the result?

Messi’s paradoxical hat-trick and humble game in a league much easier than the Spaniard who played against Barcelona, ​​scoring only 6 goals in total in 26 league games. Hollande is better than Messi, so is his victory so certain?

All of these examples certainly do not mean that Holland will fail like all of them, but only evidence that it is generally difficult to predict any player’s success, but what about Holland in particular?

Different requirements

Earling Holland Norway


As soon as the Norwegian relocation to the city was announced, we saw hundreds, thousands of comments and expectations that the city would capture the whole world with Holland along with Riyadh Mahrez, Raheem Sterling, Kevin de Bruyne, Bernardo Silva and other stars. .

We saw many shots of Holland defenders flying in the air in the German League, but due to his inhuman physical strength no player in England could tolerate the speed of the ball, Werner is the most important witness to this fact. .

Timo Werner

Getty / Pressbox

Things are not so easy in the English Premier League because the physical requirements are so high that Holland’s success rate is higher than City because his skills in this regard are high, but what about his record with injuries, especially last season? Want to see another danger in Manchester City?

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Mohamed Salah, who has scored the most goals in a season in the English Premier League in 2018, is the difference between Luis Suarez, who scored 32 goals in 2014, and Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored the same number in 2008.

Can Holland Salah’s number be skipped? On the surface, it’s easy for a player to score 86 goals in 89 games for Dortmund, but in reality it’s not because the requirements in the English Premier League are tough, especially for strikers.

The fact that Holland excelled outside Germany in the Champions League, whether in Salzburg or Dortmund, does not mean that it will happen again in City, just because Etihad Stadium’s expectations are higher and higher than in Germany. And Austrian twins.

And while talking about the Champions League, we find that Ajax Amsterdam striker Sebastian Holler, who is the third highest scorer in the last edition of the tournament with 11 goals “more than Holland”, is the most failed. In West Ham history, he came from Germany as a key player with Eintracht Frankfurt, but after the disappointment he appeared with the Hammers.

History of Cardiola

Pep Cardiola Sladon Ibrahimovic Barcelona

Getty Images

One of the most important aspects that Pep Cardiola relied on at Manchester City was that he relied on certain personalities on his team who would only play for the team and not put their name above everyone else.

The Spaniard may have learned lessons in dealing with characters such as Yaya Toure, Samuel Eto’o and Sladen Ibrahimovic because he had to deal with the obvious difficulty in dealing with this type of player. .

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Bernardo Silva, Riyadh Mahrez, Raheem Sterling, Joao Cancello and City’s biggest star Kevin de Bruyne are the stars who do not want to appear as boxers, which attracts attention, which reflects their acceptance of Cardiola. Whatever his name on the bench, there is constant rotation and love on any player’s seat.

Hollande’s personality does not match Cardiola’s policy at Etihad Stadium, he wants to appear in the media and attract attention, he’s still 21 years old, and things are expected to increase when he switches to a league he enjoys. Wide view of different parts of the world such as the English Premier League.

Earling Holland

Getty / Pressbox

Can Pep deal with the Norwegians and control his personality? Does it allow for the personal ambitions of the player that can sometimes conflict with the team’s interest? The challenge for both will be huge, and not as easy as some might expect.

When talking about Hollande’s aspirations and personal aspirations, we should also note his clear desire to play for Real Madrid because he has an eye on the City shirt and the Santiago Bernabeu, and there are rumors about him placing a penalty clause. The deal that will allow him to go to the Spanish club in the future.

This raises a lot of skepticism about a player who is interested in underestimating his value and the level of his best talent, but we should only focus on satisfying him with logical aspirations rather than solving the difficulty and challenge of playing for Manchester City. The match in England is completely over and we will see the double-digit results next to the name Manchester City on the scoreboard for most of his matches next season.

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