March 29, 2023

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Honey Sehgar comments on Omar Kamal’s words “Bates and Milk”

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Captain of Egyptian musicians, artist Honey Shaker, confirmed that festival singer Omar Kamal “insulted the country’s reputation by substituting the words of his song with dates and milk for alcohol and hashish during a party in Saudi Arabia.”

Shaker added via the “Sada al-Balad” channel, “The union is trying to protect future generations, and then I can not come out and say something here, I say another word, until you know that. Something is wrong here, why in Egypt.”

He continued, “We urge the entire state to help the syndicate legalize the conditions of music in the production of songs and plays in Egypt.”

He said: I was surprised by Umar Kamal’s audacity, people did not believe what was happening, Umar Kamal was informed about the trial, he is coming tomorrow, he will attend the trial, he will be tough. Punished. “

The Syndicate of Egyptian Music Industries recently announced that it is rejecting the violation of singer Omar Kamal.

A statement issued on Wednesday said, “Egypt is a sacred and protected homeland.

He added: “At singer Omar Kamal’s last concert in Saudi Arabia, when asked about the reason for replacing the words alcohol and hashish with peppermint and milk in his famous song, he said (I stand in pure land), artist Honey Shaker values ​​these words And asked that these words be changed because morals are endangered and they are deeply ingrained in the consciousness of the youth.