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How did Yasmin Abdel Aziz prepare for her first appearance after falling ill? (Video) | News

Artist Yasmin Abdel Aziz has shared her video with her fans and followers on Instagram, and she is getting ready to be a guest on the show “With You, Mona L-Shassley”.

Yasmin Abdel Aziz revealed the last make-up of her appearance before her first media appearance after her recent health crisis.

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Yasmin Abdel Aziz was a guest on the show “With You, Mona El-Shazli”, which was his first meeting after his trip abroad and he returned months ago.

The media, Mona Al-Shasli, posted through her accounts on social media the announcement of the episode scheduled to air on Thursday evening, in which Yasmin Abdel Aziz was crying thinking of her illness journey, and she felt that way. She recommended to her children and her older brother all that was going to die and occupied her.

Yasmin said about her illness: I was dying .. Education sent me the message .. They are preparing the soil for me .. A shock to me .. I found my stomach outside .. I was human again .. My problem is everything. My children .. and Saif .. I can not believe that I am here to talk about this matter .. I will be comfortable going to our Lord, I will be comfortable there .. All people are invited. For me. “

In early September, Yasmin Abdel Aziz announced his recovery and sent a message to his fans and friends in which he said: “My dear visitors in Egypt and the Arab world, I miss you so much, thank God, I was fine. I came back. It was your support that made all the bitter moments that came back to me easier .. I really saw death and it was enough to say that it was so close .. But thank and thank God for your beautiful and pure prayers and for standing by me with your heart, your love and good intentions Thank you, our Lord answered your prayers, God has honored me, I have passed the test Ali Khair Praise be to Allah.

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