June 7, 2023

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Hundreds of Iraqis try to leave Belarus after 'immigration failure'

Hundreds of Iraqis try to leave Belarus after ‘immigration failure’

In fact, this evening, Thursday, a plane with immigrants took off from the airport Minsk In Belarus, it goes to Iraq, but it is not known how many passengers were on the plane.

It is expected to stop at two stations, in the first city Erbil A Kurdistan region In Iraq and other capitals Baghdad, According to the Associated Press.

430 Iraqis have registered their demands for repatriation, most of them already at the airport, according to the Iraqi embassy Russia, Majid Al Gilani.

Since November 8, a large group from the Middle East has been stranded. Belarus At a border crossing with PolandThe two armies were facing off.

Most of the stranded have fled their country due to conflict or despair and are aiming to reach Germany Or countries Western Europe Others.

Western nations have blamed Belarusian President Alexander LukashenkoHe pushed for the use of immigrants as soldiers to destabilize the 27-nation bloc, which was in retaliation for sanctions imposed on his regime after it overcame opposition..

Belarus, which has seen migrants entering the country since the summer, refuses to plan the crisis and then tries to cross into Poland, Lithuania and Latvia..

About 2,000 people have been camping in the cold along the border, some with children, and at least 11 deaths have been reported in recent weeks in the light of low temperatures..

Poland did not allow them to enter, and Belarus did not want them to return to the capital, Minsk, or settle in the country..

On Tuesday evening, Belarusian authorities offered to take the people to a nearby warehouse, where they would be provided with shelter, mattresses, water and a warm place to eat..

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According to the Belarusian Red Cross, about 1,000 migrants have been staying in the warehouse since Wednesday, and 800 are still in makeshift camps on the border..

It is not clear if there are immigrants anywhere else in Belarus.