February 7, 2023

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Huria Farkali reveals the secret of her “suffocation” with Mustafa Shaban … and how he reconciled with her (video)

Egyptian actress Huria Farkali has revealed scenes of her feud with star Mustafa Shaban over the series “Doctor Kannikology” and how she reconciled with him.

In the second part of his interview for the Egyptian channel “My Secret” on the Cairo and the People program, Huria said: “When I saw the series, I came back from a trip (gynecological diseases) and was surprised to find that the series remained the same ( Obstetrician), I belong to him, I am not surrounded, this is the reason for the fight of the pen.

He added that he had attended the pilgrimage more than once and had met Mustafa Shabana there and that they had not exchanged peace due to differences of opinion: “Every time I went on a pilgrimage I saw him, we did not see him. Greet one another for such a year.”

The Egyptian artist revealed scenes that culminated in a dispute between them: “Mustafa Shaban was a member of the jury at the Catholic Institute, and he presented me with the award for Best Actress for the film (Industrial Divorce), and then we compromised.

Huria Farkali also revealed details of the difficult days of her life and how she came to terms with the current situation in light of her attempt to recover from failed surgeries: “I have only been married for 3 months, and I was engaged to her before the love of my life, and he died a day before my happiness , Now no one is fighting with me in the street. ”

Huria Farkali confirmed that plucking her motherhood caused her more fatigue than illness, adding: “I was in a scene in the series (Hekayat Panad) when I had the baby, I knew I would not be there two days ago. I was able to have children and had a talk with that woman. Director Hussein Chaudhry asked me to improve, and no one knew about my personal life, I presented this scene with my feelings, I was satisfied, thank God.

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Commenting on his relationship with artist Haitham Ahmed Jackie, Huria said: “I met him at the rehearsal of the palm of the moon,” and he was emotional with me, but it was not helpful because I was 6 years older than him. And I can not, it’s a strong, strong noise, it’s unbearable, it’s a suffocation, I said, “OK salvation.”

Huria also told the story of the most expensive horse he had ever bought: “I’m the best jockey in the Arab world. I bought a horse for a million pounds, equivalent to 20.5 million pounds.”

And about his relationship with his sisters he said: “I have a sister, not from my mother who interrupted me, I have two sisters.

Huria Farkali confirmed that she was not earning much from her work.