March 29, 2023

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Hussein Al Jazmi sings about Ramesh’s lovely beauty in “Fadak” (video) News

Emirati artist Hussein Al Jazmi has released a new song titled “Fadak” on his official YouTube channel with a video produced including the lyrics.

“Fadak” from the words of Sheikh Nahan bin Saeed Al Nahyan, composed by Hussein Al Jazmi and arranged by Walid Fayed.

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The song says at the beginning:
Oh good taste
I feel your absence
What can I bear

Kills and destroys
See from the suits of the eyes in my eyes
Your chin is clear .. like lightning shots

The song “Phadak” is broadcast on all Emirati, Gulf and Arab radio stations, as well as in libraries and electronic music sites that specialize in presenting and listening to songs.

On the other hand, Hussein al-Jazmi will perform a concert on October 7 in Nasser, one of the main hotels in Egypt.

Tickets for the concert were issued in 3 categories, with the first category starting at 10,000 10,000, the second category at 7 7,000, and the third and final 5,000 5,000.

Hussein al – Jazmi’s latest songs, “Hatta e Albi”, recorded over 52 million views on YouTube, written and composed by Ayman Bahjad Qamar: Hussein Al Jasmi. Every day of the week gets me, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, from my heart, I saw my speech, I met my joy, I am with you, why am I hiding?

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