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I am the one who taught Mohammad to sing Ramadan


Egyptian folk singer Hussein Gandhi talks about his relationship with artist Mohammed Ramadan and how he made Ramadan enter the music industry.

Gandhi said on the “Sada al-Balad” channel: “I taught Muhammad a song in an upper Egyptian film, and I composed songs for several series covering all the series of the Mustafa Shaban star.” : “I present the songs of Abdel Halim Hafiz.”

The artist, Captain Honey Sehgar of the Egyptian Music Industries Syndicate and Syndicate Council Aphrodite, Marwan Moussa, Richa, Costa and Mahmoud Mohamed were not members of the syndicate of music industries and decided to avoid associating with them.

Seker confirmed in an official statement that after violating the syndicate’s decision to ban singing on Flash, songwriter Quintet was not allowed to sing and warned the syndicate against dealing with them.

The Egyptian artist, Mohammed Ramadan, recently announced his contract with “MediaHub – Caste Cohort” to deliver a dramatic creation during Ramadan 2022.

Also Mohammad Ramadan posted his picture with his producer Mohammad Al-Saadi on Instagram: “Praise be to God, the Ramadan 2022 series was contracted, produced by Mohammad Al-Saadi, written by Mohammad Farid and directed by Best Director Mohammad Yassin.

Muhammad Ramadan appeared during the announcement of his new series, the “shirt” with the American flag and the identity of the American space agency “NASA”.

In previous press releases by Director Mohammad Yassin, he said that he had known Mohammad Ramadan for more than 10 years and that the relationship between them was very good, and in the present period he gathered special sessions with Mohammad Ramadan and the production company to draw broad lines that would follow the work.

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