February 8, 2023

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Including health use .. Changes in new iPhone and iPad applications |  Technology

Including health use .. Changes in new iPhone and iPad applications | Technology

Apple is expected to announce a number of new updates to the upcoming operating system versions of the iPhone and iPad, including “iOS 16” and “iPadOS 16”. During the keynote address at the Developers Meeting (WWDC) 2022) is scheduled for June 6, according to a report Site CNBC.

Changes made to the iPhone include updates to notifications, news, and health apps.

Apple introduced new changes to last year’s announcements, including the option to summarize them at a specific time of the day and a new focus on restricting the announcements you see at specific times. The Bloomberg Press Processor is expected to receive new voice features.

CNBC reports that Apple will add new items to the lock screen with support for “open” screens on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro.

Apple will add new options for multitasking on the iPod (Apple)

This will allow you to see the icons on your iPhone even if you are sitting at your desk. Currently, the iPhone screen is dark when not in use.

Apple often releases its latest iPhones in the fall, so it may take months for consumers to purchase phones that can use this feature.

The report also said that Apple will add new multitasking options to the iPad. Last year, it was easy to run two apps side by side, but some people who want to do more with their iPad always prefer the option of running more apps on different windows, such as the one on their Mac.

Apple usually announces new software at this event, and then in the fall releases a beta version for all users to try before releasing the final version.

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Bloomberg said the company may also announce new MacBook Air laptops at the event.