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India’s predicament in the Ukraine crisis .. “Confusion” between Russia and the West


Leaders could not Quad Alliance (US, Japan and Australia) convinced their fourth ally, the Prime Minister of India, in early March Narendra ModiSupports their position The crisis in Ukraine.

In a joint statement, the federation said its leaders had only “raised the issue of conflict and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and appreciated its far-reaching implications.”

The statement did not condemn Moscow for failing to vote in a series of UN referendums condemning Russia’s invasion.

Although Russia As a major arms exporter to India since the Soviet era, New Delhi now needs more support from the “Quad” Group in the face of growing Chinese influence in the Indo-Pacific region, as tensions with Beijing remain high. Clashes between them in 2020 on the disputed border killed at least 20 Indian troops and 4 Chinese soldiers in the Himalayas.

India between a rock and a hard place

Comment about sorting India Currently, US expert on strategic affairs Irina Zuckerman says, “Russia is certain that it wants to include India and any other country in its sphere of influence under any pretext, but it does not have to be a sign of New Delhi’s decision to return to India’s neutral country in the wake of the Ukraine crisis.” .

In an interview with Sky News Arabia, Zuckerman added, “India is in a state of jealousy as it tries to balance various threats, interests and priorities while dealing with the depressing situation in the United States and other Western countries. India is surrounded by two nuclear powers, Pakistan, China, and many others.” Having been a close ally of the United States for many years, it has greatly benefited from its distribution. With weapons“.

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The strategist continued, “India has historically been supported by the Soviet Union and Russia, and only in recent years has it begun to move into a pro-Western camp, particularly in response to growing economic reforms and security concerns. It is a factor that cannot be ignored by India.

Zuckerman pointed out that India “has recently moved away from reliance on Russian weapons and its largest suppliers have become French and Israeli, although it has relied on Russian arms supplies (about 70 percent) but has not been able to sever ties with Moscow.”

“It is not just functions that distinguish Indo-Russian relations,” he said Selling weaponsBut joint ventures of various arms organizations, either in Russia or jointly made, have already been purchased and implemented, so Moscow has offered special concessions to India on security grounds, such as the integration of domestically produced weapons. Flights Warships and navies, the United States, Israel and France have not yet allowed this.

He explained that India was also concerned about NATO reports on Ukraine after the Russian military operation, as the federation had said there was no room for complacency if Russia used chemical weapons in Ukraine. The National Institute for International Relations has confirmed that India’s challenge to Russia on this issue will not only cause it to lose a valuable defensive ally that has so far had no alternative in the West, but will also expose itself to the danger it creates. The third enemy (after China and Pakistan) is that Western nations, after betraying Ukraine, cannot be trusted to defend it.

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According to Zuckermann, “the administration of the President of the United States … Joe Biden India is not particularly welcomed outside the defense sector. India is not accepted as an economic and technological alternative to China, and diplomatic involvement is limited. If the West wants India to engage in a broader and deeper strategic engagement with the West at the risk of its own security and interests, it must show what India can achieve through action, rather than making empty promises on ceremonial occasions. Western countries also need to prove that they are more reliable allies than Russia, which is vehemently denied by the example of Ukraine.Afghanistan For now, as it happens, the world’s most populous country will be encouraged to begin to change direction and take risks to explore new frontiers beyond what is considered safe and beneficial to its interests.

Russian expansion in India

The state-run Indian Oil Company bought 3 million barrels of crude oil from Russia, resisting Western pressure to protect its energy needs and avoid such deals.

An Indian government official has confirmed that his country wants to buy more from Moscow, despite calls from the United States and other countries not to do so.

The US, Britain and other Western nations are urging India to refrain from buying Russia’s oil and gas, while Indian media have reported that Russia is offering a 20% discount on world oil purchases.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak announced that exports were approaching Russian oil products From $ 1 billion to India, it is planned to increase those exports in the near future, revealing Russia’s interest in expanding its sales network in India and increasing Indian investment in the oil and gas sector in Moscow. Russian Embassy in India on Friday evening.

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Rising oil prices in the wake of Russia’s military action in Ukraine threaten to provoke India’s inflation, drain public funds and stifle growth. Corona infection.

According to local media, New Delhi has set up a rupee exchange mechanism And rubles To finance oil imports, to avoid transactions In dollars American.

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