January 30, 2023

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جوجل تدمج Meet و Duo في تطبيق واحد

Integrates Google Meet and Duo into one application

Google has announced that it will integrate the Duo and Meet applications into a single site, so soon Google Meet will be the only one, and the search company hopes that it will be the only application that users will need in almost everything in their lives.

By combining them, Google hopes to solve some of the problems that plague modern communication tools. Javier Soltero, President of Google Workspace, says it is important to understand what tools people use, for what purpose, and under what circumstances.

There are dozens of different chat apps, each with its own rules and contact list, some for business and some for personal.

The company hopes to be able to link everything together using Gmail addresses and phone numbers. “Instead of managing these different identities and overcoming the impacts, it is important to approach it that way,” Soltero says.

Soltero has been arguing this idea about access most of his time on Google. This allowed the company to integrate Meet and Chat into many of its services.

Over the past two years, Meet has become a powerful platform for group meetings and conversations. Dio continues to be a messaging app. Google promises to bring all Duo features to Meet now.

Launched in 2016 by Google, the Duo is an easy way to make video calls to one another, doing many useful things that Meet did not.

You can do that with Duo Call someone directly – including their phone number – without having to worry about sending links or pressing the Meet button on a Google Calendar invitation.

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Google’s new app is called Google Meet

When the two services become one, the company relies on the Dio mobile app by default. Also this app gets update coming soon with Meet features.

Later this year, the Duo will be renamed Google Meet. Current Meet Apps are called Meet Original and will be discontinued later.

The Duo has all the video calling features of the new name. New features include customizable virtual wallpapers for calls and appointments, meeting scheduling, meeting chat, live content sharing, live notes, video calls with up to 100 participants, enhanced audio and video experiences and other Google integration. Tools like Gmail, Calendar, Assistant and Messages.

“The Duo has grown a lot, especially in emerging markets, where network connectivity is neither low nor very stable,” says Dave Citron, Google’s video production manager.

But because Meet is a very advanced web site, it is different all over the internet. This forms the basis of the new embedded system.

This marks another attempt by Google to integrate some of its different services and make its package of services more meaningful and integrated.

As Meet grows during epidemics, it has become a clear place for the company to focus on its audio and video efforts. The company believes that the Meat brand is more than just meeting.

The company has reportedly integrated the Meet app into several of its services to compete with WhatsApp and FaceTime applications.

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