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International celebrities shining in their outfits in 2021


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International Stars 2021, today is Saturday December 25, 2021 at 08:39 AM

The red carpet recorded many spectacular looks, especially as it witnessed the organization of events this year, as the red carpet regained its brightness and was able to shine stars under the tricks of theaters and cameras and photo lenses. The choice was tough, but we have chosen for you, Madam, 7 looks like international stars Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga and Gentia impressed social media with their elegant choices in 2021, so what is the most beautiful thing they wore? Year? Why did the choice fall on those stars in particular?

These stars are distinguished by their beauty and bold fashion choices, and their professional and emotional success helped them shine brighter than their counterparts because they received more light and were under the microscope. Beauty but for the fast-paced events in her life, it was followed by the news of Lady Gaga and her House of Gucci movie, for example …

Clothing that occupies Jennifer Lopez and networking sites
The star appeared in a silk crepe dress printed by Dolce & Gabbana while in Rome during the Alta Mota Roma event in Venice. The photo session took place on a gondola, and photos were shared on social media, and his appearance obscured the event he was about to attend.

Angelina Jolie, the woman of golden appearance

The star wore a bronze jacquard princess dress and a Kippur blouse designed by Valentino, which features vintage style from the Fall 2018 high-end collection. The star wore it to the opening ceremony of his film The Eternal in Rome.

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Lady Gaga is a classic and crazy favorite girl

Lady Gaga wore a black, sleeveless Hollywood glamorous dress, and a light blue cape from Chiaparelli. The star’s look in 2021 oscillates between classic and crazy because his looks on the red carpet are sometimes classic and high quality, others are characterized by crazy, bold dresses, socks with jewelry and high platform shoes. Can’t walk wearing.

Gabriel Union and Show Origin

The star wore a neon canary yellow dress with a princess skirt and sleeveless blouse designed by Valentino at the fashion awards. Her hairstyle was characterized by a spherical hairstyle on the head, and she was adorned with diamond jewelry.

Gentia Lady Details

From one look to another, the star moves to show us simple, yet detailed outfits like the black vintage dress owned by Versace.

Gemma Chan is the queen of femininity

The star shone in a green silk taffeta mini dress with a train after it was designed by Oscar de la Renta. She was adorned with high quality jewelry from Bulgaria. The open gold sandals are worn for extra dazzling.

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