February 5, 2023

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حيل في هاتف (آيفون) تجعلك تستخدمه بشكل أفضل.. ما هي؟

iPhone tricks that make you use it better.. what are they?

There are a lot of iPhone tricks that make you use the phone better and get the most out of the phone during your daily use, and many may not know these iPhone tricks that are shortcuts that save you time while using the phone.

Use the back click feature

Apple added in the iOS 14 update a new feature for phones called the back click, and this feature allows you to activate any function in the phone by clicking on the back of the phone, so you can use this click to make the phone silent or access open applications and take a screenshot and other uses, according to ( Al Arabiya Net).

You can activate this feature by going to the phone settings, then special access settings, and then touch, and you find the back-click feature at the bottom of the screen, and you can allocate a function to one, two or three clicks.

Turn your keyboard into a touchpad

Apple laptops have their own touchpad, which is one of the most accurate touchpads in a computer, and you can activate the touchpad feature to be able to select the text you want if you are writing a little large text, and to activate this feature all you have to do is Keep pressing the keyboard until the buttons disappear from it.

Voice control of the camera

You can control your phone easily by using the voice assistant Siri. You can also control the phone’s camera with your voice only. Voice control of the camera works in a similar way to Siri commands, but without the need to activate Siri or wait until you do the job.

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And the phone recognizes your voice and the function required to carry out what is asked of it, such as raising the volume or taking a picture, and so on, and you can activate this feature by going to the phone settings, then special access settings, then voice control.

After that, you will find different voice control options, where you can change the language that the phone recognizes and add some commands and words to the language dictionary.

Apple offers its own tool to be able to capture the screen and share it directly through this tool or edit it before sharing it, and not many people know that you can take a full screenshot of Internet pages, including the parts of the page that you do not see.

To do this, you need to take a regular screenshot and then press the + sign at the bottom of the screen and choose the entire page instead of the screenshot. This method produces large images that contain all the contents of the page you see in front of you, but the resulting image is in PDF format.