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Is it useless to look for a job?  Find out how you can find 'hidden' work

Is it useless to look for a job? Find out how you can find ‘hidden’ work

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – When you look for a job and submit tons of applications, you may start to feel like you own it, with no response. But a recruitment expert says you may not get an answer because your job search is “too busy”.

“Sometimes you don’t get answers from employers because they have too many demands, or because they already have an internal candidate,” said Sharmeen Akbani Gangad, founder of In some cases, he said, there was no advertised work.

“The recruitment process is as difficult for the hiring manager as it is for the job seeker,” Gangad said. What they want to do is listen and research what is around them, rather than going down the regular hiring path, so “hidden jobs”.

Hidden jobs Unannounced jobs. In some cases, it does not work until you show up. But what if you don’t know anyone? According to Gangat, you don’t need to know anyone. All you need to know is the needs of the company and how you can help.

“Relationships definitely help a lot, but no one finds hidden work by asking for work,” Gangat said. “You can discover hidden functions by exploring and understanding the hidden needs and challenges of companies,” he added.

Find out how to turn the job search process around and leave it all out so you can only compete for the position:

It’s not about your talent

“Your skills are irrelevant!” Gangat says, of course you should be qualified in your field, but hiring managers will not hire you for your skills and experience: “They hire you to make their life easier … you solve a problem for them.”

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Therefore, your job should be to find hidden jobs by identifying the problems and challenges within a company or organization and presenting yourself as the solution.

Looking for hidden jobs means taking the job competition to a place where you are the only one in front of the hiring manager, says Gangat.

Moves from ordering to marketing campaign

Not asking for answers to your job applications can be frustrating. This can create a confidence crisis for job seekers who believe they need more training, focus and need to change areas.

“After doing this work for years, you can start questioning yourself … Stop,” Gangad said. He recommends that you do not aim to go beyond sending an application and deal with it and turn it into a unique marketing campaign.

He also said that you need to reach the right person with the right message. If you know your industry, you can meet co-workers, read blogs and read company reports to find needs in the company and perhaps find a place for you.

But Gangat warns against asking anything: “Now the goal is to call them and listen to what they have to say.”

Pay attention to the email .. CV will come later

Of course, your application must be accurate. But, the most burdensome when looking for a hidden job is the email, which will get you an appointment with a potential job provider.

In the title line, you can use one of these options as an example: Specify a suggestion such as “Sandra suggested talking to you” or highlight a key idea about their group, such as “your new customer” or “page 10 of your report”. . “

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It has to be about the company, not about you. In the email, according to Gangat, you have to answer their obvious question: “Why is he calling me?” The answer does not have to be “I am looking for a job”.

Instead, in a few lines, tell the person you are calling about a problem or challenge, you can make some suggestions, and then ask them to make an appointment to talk.

When you go before the person in charge, avoid talking about your experience or your application. “People like to hear stories of being a hero,” says Akbani Gangad. Tell them about their own challenges, what do you think about their needs and suggest some solutions.

You may find yourself in a situation that you did not have before.