March 30, 2023

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"Japanese TV" allows viewers to taste what is being shown on the screen

“Japanese TV” allows viewers to taste what is being shown on the screen

In a new step closer to the multi-sensory vision experience, a Japanese researcher has created a prototype of a television screen that allows you to taste the food you are displaying by licking.

Known as TTTV, Taste The TV stands for 10 flavor packs that are sprayed onto a “healthy scales” above the TV screen for “viewers” to taste.

Homai Miyashita, a researcher at Meiji University in Japan, said that in the era of the corona virus, this type of technology would improve the way people communicate with the outside world.

“The goal is to provide people with an experience like tasting food even when they are staying at a restaurant on the other side of the world,” he explained.

Miyashita designed the TTTV prototype last year, revealing that it would cost about $ 875 to create the business version.

  Miyashita works with a team of about 30 students

Miyashita, who works with a team of about 30 students, has developed a variety of taste-related devices, including a fork that further enhances the taste of food.

Miyashita has been in talks with companies around the world to use her technology to create innovations that allow other foods such as pizza or chocolate to be tasted on toast pieces.

The Japanese researcher hopes to create a site that will allow users to download and enjoy bait from around the world.

One of the team’s students said on screen that he wanted to taste the chocolate while tasting on DTV in the presence of journalists.

After a few attempts, an automatic voice raised the request again, spraying a plastic sheet, which the student described, after tasting it, like the taste of milk chocolate.

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