March 25, 2023

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Jordan fully reopens the Jaber border crossing with Syria

Jordan on Wednesday fully opened its main crossroads with Syria, boosting the two countries’ troubled economies following the Arab move to reunite Syria after a decade-long civil war.

A team of Syrian lorries was waiting to enter the Jordanian border at Jaber Crossing. Taxis line up lined up to pass their passengers through the customs and immigration sections.

Colonel Muyyat al-Jubi, director of the Jaber Crossing, told Reuters he hoped the security situation along the Syrian border was now stable and that stability would continue.

Jaber Crossing reopened in 2018 after the Syrian government expelled militants from the south, but the Govt-19 epidemic led to action to curb the spread of the corona virus.

Syria has blamed Western sanctions for its economic woes and hopes that expanding trade ties with Jordan will help it recover from a devastating war.

Jordan’s Minister of Industry and Trade, Maha al-Ali, told state-run Al-Mamalaka Television that the purpose of these understandings was to promote trade between the two countries to achieve the interests of both countries.

Authorities in Jordan and Lebanon have called on the United States to ease sanctions on Syria.

Jamal al-Rifai, the first vice president of the Jordanian Chamber of Commerce, said they now feel that there is a US move to give Jordanian businessmen more space to deal with Syria.

Business beliefs

Jordan and Syria hope that their joint trade will return to the pre – war level of one billion dollars.

Jordanian officials, led by the visiting trade delegation from Syria, will discuss the lifting of tariffs, led by the ministers of economy, trade, agriculture, water and electricity.

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