June 8, 2023

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يورغن كلوب يهاجم حكم مباراة ليفربول وتوتنهام (فيديو)

Jurgen Globe strikes referee in Liverpool-Tottenham match (video)

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp expressed his deep dissatisfaction with the referee’s decision in his team’s game against Tottenham Hotspur, which ended in a 2-2 draw on Sunday.

“I saw a big fight from my team,” Globe told Sky Sports after the match, “We played well in the first half, but not in the second half.”

He added, “We suffered from the intensity of last week’s games, when the opponent seemed to finish the warm-up.

He added: “There are many other things that have affected the competition, but some of these questions are best asked to Mr. Tyrney (match referee).”

Harry Kane escapes a red card in the first half against Andy Robertson: “Of course he deserves a red card. Send a red card to Robertson (in the second half shot). His intervention was not wise, but it was definitely a red card.”

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He continued: “No doubt about it, his foot was in the air, if Robertson’s leg was on the ground, it’s broken, there is VAR technology, he went back and saw Robertson’s shot, there is technology to it, but what did he do in this situation? Jota’s shot goes to the penalty spot. “

He continued: “Mr. Tyrney told me that Theogo stopped because he wanted to make a mistake. If you want to shoot first, you have to stop. You can not do both (running and shooting).”

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He added: “Draw is a good decision, we are not crazy to think we can not draw in Tottenham, but these situations are important, I do not know what the problem is (referee Paul Dearney), he showed me. .

He concluded: “We lost our entire midfield, we lost the best defender in the world, we lost the captain on match day, so we did not expect to play the best football this season. We had to fight, that’s what the players did.”

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With today’s draw, the London team ended the “Reds” series, which had six consecutive wins in the English Premier League, and added eight wins in two Champions League matches against Porto and Atletico Madrid. .

The last time Liverpool failed to win was on November 7, their only defeat in the league so far this season, and then it was against West Ham United in the 11th round of the “Premier League”.

Source: Agencies