January 30, 2023

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Kalfan's tweets in the hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad "Al-Albani recognized it" provoke a connection between the two tweets.

Kalfan’s tweets in the hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad “Al-Albani recognized it” provoke a connection between the two tweets.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Lt. Gen. Tahi Kalfan, deputy chief of the Dubai Police, has sparked a conversation over the past three days in which he questioned the correctness of his use of the word “corrected by al-Albani”. Its linguistic meaning in narrating the hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad.

Gulfon said in his tweets: “Is it permissible to narrate an authentic hadith narrated by an ambassador authorized by al-Albani …? An inquiry … I have said that al-albani has endorsed it … Al-albani has confirmed one thing … Al-albani has confirmed another The thing is … “

Calfan continued: “If he had written, I see that he would have verified his authenticity through al-Albani. If the language is edited, you all know what it means.”

Amid divisions between supporters and opponents of the proposal and widespread links between activists, Kalfan released a picture of the meaning of the word “saha” in a separate tweet.

Al-Albani, Muhammad Nasir al-Din al-Albani, has authored many books and inquiries, brought hundreds, and many of them have been translated into different languages, most of which have been printed in several editions. The most important of them are: Irwa al-Khalil in the degree of the hadiths of Manar al-Sabeel, and the authentic hadiths and some of their jurisprudence and benefits, the series of weak and fabricated hadiths and its ill-effect on the nation, and the interpretation of the Prophet’s prayer as you see it from the first birth.

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