March 29, 2023

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Kalpan on Putin: He is the leader of a country .. When national security is in danger, stop it

Kalpan on Putin: He is the leader of a country .. When national security is in danger, stop it

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Lieutenant General Tahi Kalfan, deputy chief of the Dubai Police, has been handling the Ukraine crisis and Russia’s operations since February 24.

It came in a series of tweets from Kalpan, in which he said: “Western leaders who marry in Putin’s name … the war is Putin, not the Russian-Ukrainian … they are changing the issue as an individual. The problem … is only with Putin … Putin is a state. Leader … when its national security is at stake. ” Stand up against him. “

He continued, “The West wants to extend the Ukraine-Russia war in order to discredit Putin … and prevent Russian forces from achieving their goals of defending its national security. But all of this will do 99% of the damage. Ukraine. … First, it will harm Ukraine’s interests. “

He added, “This strange meeting of Western countries between the two neighbors is a testament to the fact that Russia is Ukrainian, Ukrainian and Russian … mixed … but the West stands in support of Ukraine against Russia … Ukraine has become one country. Swords in the hands of the West against Russia … All this points to the situation … If the West had intervened as a mediator between the Russian and Ukrainian militants, we would have known that the goals of the West were sincere … but the intervention of one party with the support of another would have only one meaning.

He added, “There is no wisdom in waging more fighting in Ukraine. Wisdom in silencing guns with peaceful efforts and calling for peace … Insulting Russia by Western leaders does not create opportunities for peace … On the contrary, it leads to more fighting.”

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