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Kareem Qasim has completed the shooting of “Dark Side” which will soon be shown in Shahid


Art News Art News and Artists News: Kareem Cossem has just finished shooting for “Dark Side” and the show will be watching soon.

Art News Today, artist Kareem Qassem has finished filming his scenes in the episode “Al-Hilwe wa Al-Murra” in the series “A Dark Side”, which is scheduled to be shown on Shahid VIP soon.

The episode “The Sweet and the Merra” directed by Christoph Sauber and filmed between Sahl Hashish and Soma Bay.

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Kareem Qasem will take part in “Al-Hilway Wa Al-Murra” starring Salma Abu Diff, and during work events, a young man named “Youssef” will be presented.

Karim Qasim’s latest work features him in the first and second parts of “The Kingdom of Satan” and the “When We Were Young” series featured in Ramadan and on the Netflix platform. First line, sava and an outdoor night.

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