June 6, 2023

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Kim Kardashian stands inside a famous phone booth during a trip to London. Pictures

Fares al-Badri wrote

Sunday, 02 April 2023 04:00 AM

American reality TV star Kim Kardashian A number of different scenes documenting her recent trip to the United Kingdom, where Kim was in Europe with her son Saint and friends on a quick soccer tour during which they visited several stadiums across the continent, and Kim, 42, wore jeans. She completed her look with matching jean jacket and pointed heel shoes.

Kim Kardashian

And Kim Kardashian appeared in pictures of her trip to Britain inside one of the landmarks of the British capital, the famous red phone booth, and as she put the phone to her ear, In another photo, Kim appeared with her childhood best friend Allison Stator as they both stood by a famous phone and pretended to call each other.

The reality TV star shared with her fans and followers on social media a photo of Alison and two of her friends, and the four women appeared in front of the Adelphi Theatre.

Kim Kardashian and her friend

Kim and her friends in front of the stage

A girl trying to emulate Kim Kardashian

In another context, a woman revealed – earlier – details of her decision to spend more than £1.1 million sterling Kim KardashianSally Dunn says she is often stopped in the street by people who can’t get over her uncanny resemblance to the reality TV star but attribute their physical similarities to luck..

In her conversation with the non-fiction siteTruly The London-based influencer, who has 1.2 million followers on Instagram, revealed that she’s been told she looks more like Kim every minute. Like Kim.” According to the British newspaper “Mirror”.

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Apart from a £30,000 Rolex watch, Sally’s wardrobe is filled with many of Kim’s favorite accessories from designers such as Givenchy and Tom Ford, and Sally also owns a £4,000 dress that Kim once wore, the British newspaper reports. , this and a £7,000 Givenchy fur coat similar to Kim’s outfit.