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Kingdom Heart Cloud versions receive 'Servers Busy' alert

Kingdom Heart Cloud versions receive ‘Servers Busy’ alert

A shot of Koofi dead on the ground as seen in Kingdom Hearts II.

Once upon a time, long ago, it was very easy to buy and play a video game. I buy the disk or cart, put it on the console, and then press the Play button. Not much anymore. Example: file Cloud-only versions are not large Kingdom Hearts It was released in Switzerland earlier this year It has recently received an update, and there is a warning that this is not a good time to play single player games you have already purchased. Welcome to the future. Absorbs.

Released yesterday, updated to 1.03 For everyone Kingdom Heart Games on the switch seem to add two main features. At Kingdom Hearts3Players can now choose between two performance options: ‘Performance Priority’ and ‘Graphics Quality Priority’. You can select these settings before you start playing and allow the game to focus on the most stable frame rate or high resolution displays, these are the preferred games offered these days.

The other new feature of the patch, however, is largely unique to the controversial switch that broadcasts in the cloud. Kingdom Hearts Games. Right now, New messages on the game selection screen alert you May encounter any “server congestion” addresses. If the game you want to play is currently handling busy servers, you can try to play it, but it may not be the best experience.

While it is good to know before playing whether a game works properly, it is a bad idea to include it first and is a sure example of why many do not sell in streaming games Arena Or Amazon Luna. This does not mean that it is not an effective or powerful technology; I guess that’s what Xbox does with cloud streaming and game pass, it lets you Play fantasy games like Gears5 Talking on the phone. However, Microsoft allows you to install all of its games, so if the servers are slow or you do not want to deal with the delay, you can play the original version of the game on your local computer. (This is also very important for sports safety!)

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The problem is that, unlike Microsoft’s GamePass streaming, Square Enix only sells cloud-streamed versions. Kingdom Hearts Change games. There is currently no way to download and install them on your physics console. And see These versions are no better Even when you can run it, and It costs more than thatSounds like a bad deal all around. Now, can Square Enix tell you not to play games you have already purchased? This is the thing for 2022, right?

I look forward to it Square Enix found a way to impose NFT and blockchain technologies In future cloud versions, this will make the whole experience much worse. In the meantime, you need to buy Kingdom Hearts Games on the PS4 or Xbox should always play at a consistent quality level, regardless of whether the servers are ‘crowded’.

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