June 5, 2023

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Kuwait .. Noah Nabil attacks authorities after fourth house sinking (video)



Kuwaiti fashion actress Noah Nabil

Kuwaiti fashion artist Noah Nabil has launched a vicious attack on authorities in his country after his house was flooded with rain for the fourth time, and released a video clip in which he pleaded with authorities after the disaster.

He expressed dissatisfaction with the authorities’ failure to respond to the request and sent a strong message to the Kuwaiti Ministry of Labor: “There was no cleaning, maintenance or follow-up on their part, so the house was flooded. In the event of rain.”

The Kuwaiti fashion actress also documented on her Twitter account that her house was submerged in rain in a video clip.

Commenting on the video, Noah Nabil said: This is the fourth year in a row that our newly built house in the Bayan area of ​​Kuwait is being reimbursed … but what if they are homeless? If it is for the elderly. Person or seat? In the event of a short circuit, human damage and loss of life, who will compensate us, the Ministry of Labor?

Source: “Twitter”

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