June 3, 2023

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Lecture on the virtues of Arabic writing more than other arts

Lecture on the virtues of Arabic writing more than other arts

Sharjah (Union)

The 24th edition of the Islamic Art Festival was organized by the Department of Cultural Affairs of the Department of Culture under the slogan “Quality” and was coordinated with the Emirates Society for the Art of Arabic Writing and Islamic Decoration. Khalid al-Jallaf, an Emirates artist, is the President of the Emirates Society for the Art of Arabic Writing, lecturing on “Arabic Manuscripts and Other Islamic Arts” at the Sharjah Fingerprint Museum.
In addition, al-Jallaf said: “Arabic writing is a great art that rises as a symbol of every Arab and Muslim because it is associated with our roots, childhood and the last day of our lives.” He dealt with important things, including: stages of writing development, the formal phase, the symbolic phase, the syllabic phase, the phonetic phase, and then the written phase by symbols.
As for the Arabic script, he said, it started from the Nabataean script in Yemen and later evolved into the Hijazi script and then the Kufi script, and about three centuries later, the Kufi script was used to write the Quran. Its large size prompted fonts to find soft fonts.
He said the reasons for the integration of the Arabic script into other arts were many, including the firmness of the Islamic faith and the establishment of the oneness of God, the aesthetics of the Arabic script and the flexibility to implement it in different forms. Advice and reminders of virtues, showing the majesty of the state in buildings, praising elders and kings and praying for their king to remain, as well as highlighting the aesthetics of women in ornaments, using poetic slogans of poetry, rule, and specialty to apply the script to all aesthetics and all arts. -Emphasizing Islamic identity, combining Arabic characters with these arts gave them deep artistic value.
Al-Jallaf spoke about his experience in Arabic writing and its application in Islamic architecture, emphasizing that the use of Arabic handwriting in works of art must be in accordance with its rules and foundations to preserve its originality and beauty. The purpose of focusing on Arabic handwriting is to preserve the civilized identity of Arabs and Muslims.

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