March 23, 2023

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بث مباشر.. برق ورعد فى سماء الأقصر.. ورفع حالة الطوارئ

Live broadcast .. Luxury sky Lightning and thunder .. and emergency removal

“The Seventh Day TV” provided a live broadcast of the luxury governorate from its highest point, watching the moment when lightning began to appear in the sky east of the governorate after it rained. Rain Heavy snow in Aswan Governorate and rain in isolated areas in the Red Sea, just minutes before the Luxor sky was struck by lightning and lights.

Weather in Luxor

In this regard, the Luxor Governor, a few days ago, raised the state of emergency and maximum preparedness, and in the next few hours, announced moderate and intermittent rains in anticipation of climate change. Strictly speaking, the Governor of Luxor advised all competent authorities to raise maximum preparedness to face any possible crisis.

The Drinking Water and Sanitation Company should raise the readiness of sanitation vehicles and modify them in accordance with the plans developed to deal with disasters, and review the condition of water stations, sewers, electric feeders and alternative electric feeders.

Appoint heads of cities and centers to review the status of drivers and relief efforts, prepare them to deal with crises and disasters, and protect them in the absence of all poles and bare wires. He also urged the ambulance officer to ensure that all ambulances are fitted to cover the governorate’s cities and centers.

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