June 2, 2023

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Mல்லller believes Lewandowski will stay in Bayern Munich

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Amid growing doubts over the fate of Polish international striker Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich are preparing to celebrate their tenth consecutive title in the German Football League from City Hall’s balcony late Sunday.

Bayern and Lewandowski confirmed on Saturday in the last round of the Bundesliga that the Polish striker will not renew his contract until 2023.

But despite Bayern confirming that the player is not up for sale this summer, Lewandowski insisted that the matter should be taken into account if he gets a suitable offer amid allegations of Barcelona’s interest in recruiting him.

Bayern striker Thomas Mல்லller, 33, is confident Lewandowski will stay one more year.

“Let’s see what happens,” M முller told Sky TV Sunday. “He’s signed to a contract until 2023. This means Bayern will have to make a final decision. Of course, we want him to stay, but we know how business is going. Going.”

Mல்லller confirmed that Lewandowski would bid if he stayed another season.

“Levy is a unique professional, and when you are on the field as a player and especially as a striker you want to play your part,” M முller noted.

Lewandowski has been with Bayern since 2014, joining the team from Borussia Dortmund and winning all possible titles with the Bavarian club, including the League and Cup Treble and the Champions League in 2020.

Lewandowski won ten Bundesliga titles with Dortmund and Bayern.

Lewandowski surpassed Gerd Mல்லller’s record of 41 goals in the final season of the German league series with 375 goals.

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