February 7, 2023

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Macron has been working hard to end the legislative elections and form a government

Macron has been working hard to end the legislative elections and form a government

In this context, Macron soon began preparing for the next prime ministerial election, changing the name of his party.Republic forward“,” Renaissance “, described the audience as French news about the next phase priorities of his second term in the country.

President Emmanuel Macron faces a major challenge, which is to obtain a comfortable parliamentary majority, which will enable him to avoid entering into political alliances that will impede the legislative process and prevent the implementation of his plan. Macron is the government on which his reform plans depend.

On the other hand, he is looking Jean-Luc MலlenchonThe far-left candidate in the first round of elections to win the maximum number of seats and become the head of the next government Assembly elections.

Cheer Khalil, a political journalist and editor-in-chief of the “Levant” newspaper, believes that Macron will face a more difficult presidential election, despite his far-right rival Marine Le Pen winning by a huge margin of 28% to 23.5%. Word related to the severe consequences of the crisis in Ukraine and its impact on the economy. He emphasized that the forthcoming assembly elections were not easy and that the competition was fierce.

Internal protests

In a statement to Sky News Arabia, Sierra Khalil, who lives in Paris, said there were protests facing a plan at the local level. Macron The reform is aimed at boosting the business environment, including raising the retirement age from 62 to 65.

On the challenges facing Macron, Khalil said, first and foremost, his team would be able to win a parliamentary election in June to secure a parliamentary majority to support the implementation of his plan.

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As for the other challenge, this can be inferred from what he said in Macron’s fur speech, according to Galilee: “Many of the citizens who voted for me today do not support the ideas I have, but prevent the arrival of the far right.”

New reform plan

Khalil believes that to solve these problems Macron will have to pursue a new plan different from the previous five years, which will take more effort to meet the needs of all French people from the left, right and the French center for fear of the arrival of the far right. Has become a serious danger.

Khalil also stressed the need for Europe to focus more on France over the next five years. France has a key role to play in strengthening the EU’s position and its policies in the region, especially in relying heavily on France’s position in the wake of the Ukraine crisis, and finding appropriate solutions to the EU’s aspirations. Europe.

Macron and his electoral program, according to Galilee, are very serious about meeting French local and international needs, which means that Macron must create a safe environment for his policies to address the pending issues in Europe and the region. The far right is using the internal and external files to create propaganda and occupy the right ideas for Europe.

Khalil says Macron’s position is not to be envied, especially since his campaign slogan was that he is the president of all French.