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Mathematics Test Specifications for Preparatory Certificate for Second Semester


Written by Mahmood Taha Hussain

Tuesday, April 25, 2023 at 02:00 PM

determined Ministry of Education Also Technical Education, the 2023 Certificate of Preparatory Examination paper specifications for Mathematics, Algebra and Engineering, scheduled to start next May, explains that the parts designated for viewing only are not studied by students.

He emphasized that the Mathematics exam paper for Preparatory Certificate 2023 consists of five questions, the first of which is six items of six degrees and four essay questions, each of which consists of multiple choice of six degrees.

Also the Ministry of Education confirmed that the main result of Algebra paper and Engineering paper is 30 marks each for two semesters, 15 marks for each semester and the main result of Mathematics degree in two semesters. 60 degrees, and the short end of the course is 30 degrees.

The Ministry of Education has defined the specifications and restrictions of the examination paper for the certificate Junior High 2023 Mathematics Course “Algebra and Geometry”, which is as follows:

The questions of the exam should be within the scope of the target subject.

– Questions should be distributed according to their relative weight to the learning outcomes of the subject.

– Questions cover different levels of difficulty to distinguish between levels of academic achievement of students.

– To balance the exam paper between different cognitive levels.

– Questions should be specific and clear in their linguistic formulation.

Exam paper should meet basic data “Level – Class – Subject – Time – Month and Year”.

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Quality of layout of the examination paper to ensure its readability (font size, font type, line spacing, margins, headings, question instructions, print quality and freedom from linguistic, technical and typographical errors).

– In multiple choice questions, the number of alternatives should be four, of which only one is correct.

Answer time is two hours, exam paper.

– The first semester is not a small result and for the success of the student, he needs to get 50% of the total marks for the two semesters, if the student gets 30% of the marks of the examination paper. Two branches together in second semester.

– The overall parts are arranged according to the following constraints: “Their parts relate to the basic laws that the student has gone through and have the character of continuity in application.

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