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“Men’s Stand” hits $ 15 million in Saudi theater history | News


Despite the circumstances and measures taken to spread the corona virus, Saudi cinema continues to grow, but by 2021 film revenues have increased significantly.

According to the American magazine Variety, theatrical revenue in Saudi Arabia will reach a quarter of a billion dollars by 2021, and the Egyptian film “A Men’s Stand” topped the charts with $ 15 million.

Saudi Arabia has 53 theaters, and its revenue will reach $ 238 million by 2021, while its revenue will reach $ 122 million by 2020, according to data from the US company “ComScore”.

By 2021, 340 new films will be released, while by 2020 the number will not exceed 22 films.

American films topped the list of highest grossing films with $ 11 million, followed by Stand Worth of Men, the third highest grossing film with $ 9 million, and fourth place. Wrath of Man grossed $ 8.3 million.

In fifth place was Tamar Hosni’s “Mish Ana” which grossed $ 8.2 million.

More than one theater opened in Saudi Arabia by 2021. At the beginning of the year there were 33 theaters, and in December there were 53 theaters.

Saudi cinema returned 4 years ago, after a gap of 35 years, and its revenue was strong enough to announce that it will be one of the best cinema box office markets in terms of total sales in the West Asian region.

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