February 8, 2023

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Micro lens in OPPO Reno7.  .  Encourages photo enthusiasts of Jordanian youth

Micro lens in OPPO Reno7. . Encourages photo enthusiasts of Jordanian youth

This paves the way for your micro lens OPPO Through the series OPPO Reno7, the way for the new generation of intelligent portrait skills.

This type of lens is one of the most inspiring tools for young photographers around the world, especially Jordanian youth, thanks to the technologies, devices and artificial intelligence mechanisms that work under these lenses.

The micro lens came as a result of many years of research by engineers To take a photo From OPPO And Sony International, all the way up to this generation of lenses.

Images taken with micro lenses not only show precision and clarity, but also show the subtle details of the objects to be photographed, which serves as a source of inspiration and creativity for photographers.

OPPO’s Reno 7 is the first smartphone series to specialize in portrait photography. OPPO Thanks to a set of professional hardware and algorithms that enable users around the world to shoot, a future image-centric experience Photo Great portrait with the click of a button.
It is also considered to be the first smartphone to include algorithms in this series of sensors because it is very important to collect enough light through the image sensor. Photo Clear, bright and sharp.

And stress OPPO To constantly increase light sensitivity, innovative ways to deliver must be devised Photo The highest quality, RGBW is at the pinnacle of accepting the pixel design (red, green, blue and white), which increased the light sensitivity to 32% due to this design. Subject to discoloration.

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