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Microsoft is introducing an artificial intelligence version of Bing on phones and the Skype app

Date: Microsoft today launched an artificial intelligence-powered version of its Bing search engine for Android and iOS smartphone users, nearly two weeks after it became available for PCs.

Users with early access to its trial version can now use it through the Microsoft Edge browser on Android and iPhone by opening the Bing search engine in the browser and clicking the Chat option at the top that opens a chat window. It offers two options to ask questions either in audio form by pressing the microphone icon or in written form by pressing the keyboard icon.

In addition, Microsoft announced that it will bring the chatbot to the messaging application (Skype) Skype, where users of the app can add a Bing account to the contact list in the app and chat with it to get the same capabilities as the bot. on the web.

Bing support on Skype isn’t limited to one-on-one conversations, as Microsoft notes, the smart bot can be called into group chat conversations, helping team members quickly find answers to any questions they may have during the conversation.

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The company said the feature makes it easier for group members to quickly plan collaborative projects, such as asking Bing to make recommendations about places they can visit on their next trip based on their preferences and budget. It can also provide information about weather, flight times and hotels.






He added that within the Skype app, Bing can deliver the answer in the user’s preferred format, plain text or dots.

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Group users can use Bing to tell jokes, ask riddles and quizzes, and discuss the weather and the latest news.

To test the Bing bot via Skype, the user must have access to its beta version and use the latest application update.

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