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Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Review: Just Available


It is very rare to actually get an item The better A few months after the release. But Microsoft has often forgotten Double layer 2, Using an exorbitant price tag and a list of laundry errors and problems in October 2021, the trend is very disappointing. In fact, the Duo 2 is so advanced that it is now one of my favorite handheld devices, and although it is still different and unique, most people would not recommend it.

If you forget, the Surface Duo 2 is a foldable phone with two large screens attached to the hinge. Unlike Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3It takes the tablet-sized screen and folds in half to fit in your pocket. Whether you have two phones at the same time or spread the same app on both screens to mimic a small tablet, you can easily run two apps side by side. Since both parts of the phone are thin, it can be folded like a book and easily put in a pocket. Connect with Microsoft Surface pencil2Keep a portable digital notebook that works well for taking notes, reading an e-book or drawing emails.

When Review last year’s Surface Duo 2, Which does not matter in terms of its excellent design or typing. The device crashed effectively, blocked by software bugs, was annoying to write, disgusting to use, and ultimately disgusting. It’s a $ 1,500 innovation that only attracts the hardest of Microsoft brands and is ready to deal with its many shortcomings. The courier machine is not running They dreamed a decade ago.

The Surface Duo 2 may not actually work as a phone, but it can be a very effective pocket computer.

But it is worth noting that Microsoft has not dropped the Dio 2. In fact, the company continues Provide software updates on a monthly basis To fix many issues with the Duo 2 input, some of these updates include minor security fixes and minor bug fixes, while others, such as the latest June update, have added more important fixes and new features. Most importantly, it fixed the touch delay issues that were prevalent when Microsoft started and made typing much harder on the Duo 2’s virtual keyboard – or guided interface.

Knowing that Microsoft is taking care of many of my original complaints about the Dio 2, I took advantage of the latest price reductions (phone can Get $ 1,000 now, Which is still very expensive, but much lower than its release price) and generous business offer and I bought one of my own. When visual errors did not stand in their way, the goal was to see if Microsoft could get a better idea of ​​what it was trying to achieve on this computer.

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And reader, let me finally say that I understand. The Duo 2 is the most unique mobile device I have ever used, allowing me to do things I could not do on a traditional smartphone. It also does some things like reading multitasking and e-books instead of the big single screen of the Z Fold 3.

Reading Kindle books on Duo 2 is one of the best experiences.

The Pocket Android Wizard Surface maintains the guided article image on both screens of the Duo 2.

Rotating the Duo 2’s image when both screens are open provides a larger iPad mini screen for reading vertically scrolling articles or taking handwritten notes.

Last month – In addition, I used the Duo 2 to read a lot of books on the Kindle app, which uses dual screens to provide a book-like experience more than any other device. Manage Inbox and Calendar simultaneously; I edited Google Docs after the slack conversation. I used the Slim Pen 2 to take handwritten notes on the note. I read countless articles in my pocket font, the apps have been extended to both screens and the Duo 2 has become a vertical trend. I have seen many videos spread across both screens and I did not notice the small gap. I feel an undeniable satisfaction in completing a task on the Duo 2 and folding it up like a book and putting it in my pocket.

The Duo 2 did not replace my primary smartphone because I use it for a variety of tasks: texting, calling, photos, smart home control, music and mobile charging on my iPhone; Reading, multitasking, taking notes and YouTube on Duo 2. I’m not connected to the Duo 2 yet because if you do not use wireless earbuds, doing so is a bad thing. I mostly used the Duo 2 to learn how to use the iPod mini, it folds in half and fits in my pocket. It’s not even fair to call this device a “phone” based on the way I use it. (Microsoft initially tried to position the original Surface Duo as something other than the phone, but that marketing pulled with the Duo 2.)

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Microsoft made the Duo 2’s camera processor faster and more responsive, but I never used it for photography. Filming is disgusting, I have an iPhone for that anyway. In fact, the ugly rear cone and camera are completely gone and I love it if the Duo 2 retains its sleek lines and the ability to fold flat against itself. First a duet.

Other than the poor camera, other things about the design of the Duo 2 make it a challenge to use it as a primary phone. There is no quick way to check notifications or do something with one hand – you To me To use the device, open it. (The recent addition of announcements by third-party chat apps about the “hinge display” in the June update does not change that fact.) It’s more intuitive than Slope phones, and can be easily opened and used with one hand. Whenever you want. To. Kill some time in line at the grocery store. Samsung Fold Z3 This is a great single device for switching between phone and tablet because you can use it even if it is locked.

Black Surface Duo 2, Shock Absorbing Cap for Surface Pen.

The form factor of Dio2 makes it difficult to protect it from damage. I used a bumper cover for the Surface pen cover and vinyl leather, but I handled it with baby gloves (no picture).

The Duo 2 is far from a solid device. Although I do not have a break this month, I will use it again because it is water and dust resistant, so you do not want to wet it. Its design makes it very difficult to box and maintain the flexibility of the hinge. (I used the Microsoft Surface pen charging case, bumper cover and Diprent leather.) Even though it was closed when I was not used to it, with the keys and loose changes, I had nothing to throw in the pocket. Fear that something will get stuck in the hinge.

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There is a lot of room for software development. Aside from the Kindle app and Google Play Books, the only apps that work well on both screens are the Dio 2, which has been on the market for eight months. On the opposite screen than I expected, there are times when the app or connection opens or the gesture crashes and fills the screen. Pen input is worse than anything other than Microsoft’s own applications. I guess I did not really use the drag and drop feature because it is supported in some applications and there is no need to remember that it exists.

Things are likely to get better The next Android 12L updateIt is designed to enhance the experience of foldable devices such as Duo 2 and Fold 3. But even after this update, I still doubt if I will use most of the apps on the same screen.

Despite the updates and bug fixes, the Duo 2 will not be a phone for everyone or most people. As a secondary device, it is best suited for specific tasks such as how your iPad or tablet is secondary to your smartphone. Even with the latest price reduction, it’s more expensive than the iPad or any other small tablet. This is great for those who appreciate that even if they already carry another phone in another pocket, they can carry it to more places on the go.

The Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is set to black closed.

Now that many bugs and issues with the software have been resolved, the Duo 2 is approaching to fulfill the Microsoft Courier Concept dream since 2009.

There are rumors that Microsoft Duo 3 will not be released this yearInstead they lasted until 2023. This will give you more time to avoid erroneous bootloaders and bug fixes affecting both the original Duo and Duo 2. Can also handle Microsoft Duo design features. Use as the primary phone (external touch screen goes a long way here). He can find a way to insert and charge the pen without resorting to a fun and expensive extra case. A Recent patent from the company Imagine a Dio-like device that uses a 360-degree folded single panel instead of two separate screens connected by a hinge. I do not know what will solve the problem other than removing the gap between the screens while watching the video, but it will definitely be better.

Anyway, if Microsoft continues to implement it in compliance with Dio Form Factor, I will take care of it. The Duo 2 has become one of my favorites and one of the most sophisticated devices I have ever reviewed, and I’m glad to see where Microsoft takes it next. In the meantime there is another book to finish reading.

Photo by Don Seifert / The Verge

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