March 29, 2023

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Mikoti is directing an immediate investigation after Bahrain protested against holding a press conference in Beirut for “hostile elements”.

Reuters Mohammad Asagir

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikhati

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikhail has said he refuses to use his country as a base for insulting Bahrain after sending a letter to Manama condemning Beirut for holding a press conference by “hostile forces”.

In a statement, Mikoti said he was “informed of the content of a book addressed to the Foreign Ministry in the Kingdom of Bahrain, including an official protest against holding a press conference in Beirut. Kingdom.”

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Bahrain expresses strong opposition to the Lebanese government

He added, “He urgently sent the book to competent authorities, requesting an immediate investigation into what happened, preventing it from happening again, and taking appropriate action in accordance with applicable laws.”

“I strongly condemn and condemn the attack on the Kingdom of Bahrain, its leadership and people, and refuse to interfere in its internal affairs and do not want to offend it in any way,” he added.

He expressed his disapproval of using Lebanon as a base to offend and insult the Kingdom of Bahrain, just as it refuses to offend the fraternal Arab states, especially the Gulf Cooperation Council.

He emphasized the need to focus on strong historical ties between Lebanon and the Kingdom of Bahrain. Love and respect for Bahrain. “

Source: RT

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