January 30, 2023

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Millions refused to appear .. Shams al-Barudi reveals restaurant video footage

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Mu’tazila confirmed that artist Shams al-Barudi had refused millions in exchange for appearing on shows.

Al-Barudi revealed the footage and truth of a recently circulated video in which she appeared with her husband, the great artist Hassan Youssef, her sister and her son-in-law while they were at a popular restaurant in Imbaba.

The Seventh Day website quoted al-Barudi as saying: This video was filmed a year ago, when engineer Abdel Rahman, the son of his sister Hana, invited the artist to this restaurant on his wedding anniversary. Hassan Youssef.

The Mujahideen artist explained: “Abdul Rahman decided, ‘This is a beautiful place you like’, he went to the restaurant before us and told the owner of the restaurant that we needed a quiet place to sit. Welcoming us, he asked Hassan for permission to shoot: to make my mom happy to go meet you, my husband agreed to shoot after his sympathy with the store owner to show it to his mom.

And Shams al-Barudi continued: “Usually I refuse to take pictures except when necessary, but on this day the situation was embarrassing and I insisted to the owner of the restaurant and told him that no one but my mother had seen the video, but who was left ?!”

The retired artist confirmed that the restaurant owner released the video for the first time several months after the visit, and when artist Hassan Youssef found out, he called him and accused him.

She explained: “I was surprised that this video spread this way. The owner of the restaurant apologized to my husband, but after the video was spread, I was afraid to go to public places.” For the club of which we are members, even the members imagine love with us, but their own picture, not for publication, as happened with the owner of the restaurant, “he concluded:” My lord, forgive him. Of course not with logic and reason. “

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